Queen the Gardener

There was a time when I was really desperate to have a job, it was during a school holiday in 2017, my grade 11 school year. We were having a hard time at home and so I wanted to help as much as I could. Some weekends I would go to the local supermarket where my big sister worked and helped count stock, I needed the N$50.00 and the free lunch which made me go bananas!

I would spend hours at the library reading about types of summer jobs or what you could do to earn extra money. I didn’t have WiFi at home so I made it a thing to go to the library and just do some research, take notes, knowing that I would probably never get these jobs. Plus, I lived in Katutura which is not at all fancy so reading about working in your neighbour’s garden, going door to door asking for quick jobs or working as a shop assistant didn’t even count for me. For the latter, you had to have connections atleast, else it would only be a dream. Which it was.

Two weeks ago, I got a job at the Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy and Research (NIBIO). God really loves me, no lie because the way I got that job, it was just a miracle. Maybe not, but I kind of got lucky or I’m just blessed. Amen.

Basically the institute, “contributes to food security and safety, sustainable resource management, innovation and value creation through research and knowledge production”. Let me break down for you in my own words in terms of what I have seen and read, well researched. They produce food in the simplest ways, use greenhouses to grow plants, do research on surrounding areas and animals and have projects in Africa where they supply food to improve nutrition.

One of the greenhouses!

One of the most interesting things about NIBIO Svanhovd, where I am based, is that they deal with bear researches and cool stuff like that. There’s also a whole lab and scientists, I think, walking around just like normal people. Now you can imagine how excited I was to hear that they needed people and since COVID-19 messed some things up, well, they needed all the help they could get early in the summer and I needed the money so it was just perfect.

Forget about the bear and fish researches, I’m not part of that yet. I work outside in the garden and it feels like the job was made for me. Mostly because I feel like it is so much nicer to work with plants and nature compared to blood and in hospitals because… I’m just not a fan. I’m afraid of needles and blood makes me want to throw up whilst watering flowers inside a greenhouse fills my body with all kind of good feelings that are just stored in my body, waiting to explode!

So beautiful

I had been doing nothing for almost three months so it’s been really good to be out there, with people and feel alive again, in some way. Also, all this time I thought my Norwegian had failed me but I get through the day speaking Norwegian with my colleagues and then I realise that I have really improved. Acknowledge and appreciate that Queen, please.

So, cutting off dead stems and getting rid of weed growing in the vegetable garden or in the flowerbed are some of the things that we do. We’ve started planting out flowers and vegetables that were in the greenhouse too. I help wherever I’m needed and I use the lawn mower to cut grass. I’ve started with the small one but will eventually use the four-wheeled one, omg. Panic!

The best part though is planting seeds, waiting for them to grow. Even though I don’t want to, each time we plant seeds, it reminds me of how some things are in life. That you put in the work, take care of it everyday and remember to be patient. Poorly worded? Never mind, hope you got what I’m trying to say.

Good luck if you out job hunting and remember, God is always with you. One day He will come through for you when you least expect it!

NB: Check out my IG page @scarlettigerimages for everyday random pictures of Norway and almost any other nice picture that pops up!

hearts, Queen

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I love food and I love travelling. I hate crowded places and I hate garlic. I'm a hopeless dancer. This blog is the product of the first lockdown that took place on the 13th of March 2020, in Norway due to the Corona virus. Hope you'll enjoy reading my content.

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